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Our work in the community.


Economic Development

Resilient, diverse businesses are crucial to a better City Heights for those who live here. This is why we spend so much time coaching and promoting businesses in the community.

Affordable Housing

Good things happen when people gain access to housing. We work to increase the availability and quality of housing for low-income residents across City Heights.

Transportation & Planning

Communities are built. Roads, sidewalks, bike and bus lanes are planned out, and we advocate with residents to make sure they’re planned in a healthy, safe, family-friendly way for the community.


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Improving the quality of life in City Heights.

That’s our mission. We talk about it. We meet, plan, and dream, but we never stop there—we take action. This is about moving forward together, arm-in-arm with passionate people who refuse to accept the status quo.

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Meet the people.

We love this community and the people who live and work here, and it’s our joy to share their stories! Click below to meet them.


Thanks for coming!

Our first ever Street Food Fest was a huge success thanks to all of YOU! Thank you! Click the button below to see photos of the event, and be sure to join us for next year's Street Food Fest—we're already making plans!


Get involved.

Communities can’t thrive without passionate people like you! Join us out in the community addressing hunger, advocating for equity, and engaging community members. Click below for more.


Join us.

Every dollar you give helps improve
the quality of life in City Heights.