Affordable Housing


Our Mission

We work to increase the quality and availability of affordable housing for low-income residents in City Heights by preserving existing housing options, developing new ones, and protecting the rights of our residents.

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We began buying rental property in the early 90s. Since then, our affordable housing communities became a launch point for work in the community. Our housing program is designed to provide quality housing, enhance neighborhoods, and encourage community pride and involvement. All of the apartments are located in various City Heights neighborhoods; the majority of which are for families considered very low to low income.

Currently, the City Heights CDC is a partner in four low income housing properties, a total of 406 units of affordable housing.

In February 2014 we completed the financing of ten smaller apartment buildings (132 units total) with our partners that we’ve owned since the early to mid 1990s. Our most recent development project, opened in July 2017, also done in partnership, is the award winning Talmadge Gateway. The property houses 60 formerly homeless seniors in 60 studio apartments designed in the Streamlined Modern architectural style. 

Two other properties, Hollywood Palms (94 units) and Metro Villas (120 units), round out our portfolio. We work hard to provide affordable living that is high quality and fairly priced. Our team works to go above and beyond. They see their work as much more than just building apartments and collecting rent, we genuinely care about our tenants as though they were our own neighbors—because they are.




Our Impact



Meet Mary Ellis.

This is Mary, and she inspires us to tears. Her dedication to her children in the face of life without housing. Her strength and kindness. Her hard work.



What’s better than fairly-price housing? When it’s powered by solar!

We worked alongside our partners to swap gas appliances for electric, installed air conditioning units, and built multi-purpose parking structures covered by huge solar panels—that’s environmental kindness and cost savings for our tenants!



Meet Rickie, Property Manager of Hollywood Palms.

“This job is about more than a paycheck, it’s about the success of our residents,” Rickie shares. A veteran manager and community activist, Rickie oversees 94 units occupied by about 560 people.


Looking for affordable housing options near you?

Take a minute to contact us! We work hard to make sure the community has access to the quality, fairly-priced housing they need.