Economic Development


Our Mission

We work alongside people in the community to promote the growth of resilient and diverse businesses in City Heights.


A robust economy in City Heights is not possible without steady, sustainable businesses for its residents. That’s why we work alongside local business owners and entrepreneurs to ensure their participation in infrastructure enhancement projects, trainings, one-on-one support, promotional events, and advocacy for equitable investment and development in business corridors on their behalf.

A strong, well-rounded small business sector is an important economic engine for our neighborhood, and a thriving local business sector will be both by and for the community residents that it serves.

City Heights is home to a wide variety of locally-owned businesses, micro-enterprises, and street vendors that truly reflect the rich diversity of the community. Many of these businesses are owned by immigrant families that are often struggling to navigate city processes and lack the access to capital they need to develop a viable, self-sustaining business. Our team works diligently to provide access to resources by encouraging relationship-building among business owners and relevant stakeholders, and by partnering with other community-based organizations to develop innovative approaches to economic development.




Our Impact



Fatima’s Story

“My name is Fatima, and I survived the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.”

Fatima is no stranger to suffering. She knows hardship, and she knows hard work. She sighed as she told us her story of fleeing violence, but her eyes lit up when she talked about her new business.



City Heights Street Food Fest

"The people who give you their food, give you their heart."
--Cesar Chavez

More than a quick bite, street food is a way to bring community together. Join us for an amazing evening of friendship, art, live music and an incredible selection of street food from around the world.



Tranisia, a chef to refugees.

“When I graduated culinary school, I could’ve gotten a job at a restaurant in La Jolla or somewhere fancy, but I knew my community needed me more. So I started teaching refugees how to cook.

They know the food in their home country, but the ingredients are different here.”


Let’s grow together!

All donations support our mission of enhancing the quality of life in City Heights by
working with people in our community to create and sustain high quality housing,
livable neighborhoods, and economic self-sufficiency.