Who We Are


Our Mission

For nearly 40 years, we’ve worked to enhance the quality of life in City Heights by coming alongside our community to promote affordable housing, livable neighborhoods, and economic self-sufficiency.


Our story begins with community…

In the early 80s, a few neighbors in City Heights banded together around a simple idea: everyday people are powerful. They believed they were the best people to build their community. They knew the struggles, strengths, and the incredible potential of their streets better than anyone.

People refusing to quit on their community—that’s how the City Heights Community Development Corporation was born.

When officials made plans to carve up the community with the I-15 Freeway, we organized, pushed back, and presented alternative plans. We lobbied, rallied, and raised our voices for decades to see community demands met. (See that incredible story here!)

As refugees poured into the neighborhood, we welcomed them with open arms, celebrating their entrepreneurial spirit by facilitating job training and economic growth.

In the face of blight and neglect, we created community gardens, organized trash pick-up days, and launched beautification programs.

When the community lacked print representation, we started The Voice of City Heights to promote awareness and community pride.

After children were killed by traffic violence, we mourned their deaths, advocating for—and secured—safer streets.

As housing prices rose, we bought land, built fairly-priced housing, and worked with families to create a home.

For nearly 40 years we’ve worked for the community, from the community, as part of the community—and we’re only just getting started!

We’re looking for like-minded, passionate people who refuse to give up on community to join us in improving life in City Heights. Ready to see how we do it? Click below.


Your giving matters.

All donations support our mission of enhancing the quality of life in City Heights by
working with our community to create and sustain high quality housing,
livable neighborhoods, and economic self-sufficiency.

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