What We Do


Affordable Housing

When people gain access to fair, reasonably-priced housing, good things happen. We work to increase the availability, experience, and quality of housing for low-income residents across City Heights.

Transportation & Planning

Communities don’t happen by accident, they’re built. Roads, sidewalks, bike and bus lanes are planned, and we work to make sure they’re planned in a healthy, safe, family-friendly way for the residents of City Heights.

Leadership Development

Helping raise up leaders is crucial to stopping gentrification in our community. We believe people have everything they need to make life better for themselves, their family, and their neighbors, but will we come alongside them?

Resident Services

Fair, healthy housing is only the first step. We believe in caring for whole people and whole families as they work to secure better employment, pursue higher education, and a better life for their family.

Economic Development

Resilient, diverse businesses are crucial to a better City Heights for those who live here. This is why we spend so much time helping coach and promote businesses in the community.


Have an impact.

All donations support our mission of enhancing the quality of life in City Heights by
working with our community to create and sustain high quality housing,
livable neighborhoods, and economic self-sufficiency.