He Spent Years Looking for a Career. What He Found Surprised Us!

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It took Frankee awhile to find the right job. He wanted something he wouldn’t feel bored doing, something exciting.

Frankee was a DJ. You might think this job would be perfect. Spinning for big parties. Lights, loud music, and people everywhere—he was paid to celebrate and make people happy. 

It wasn’t for Frankee. 

So Frankee trained to be a fireman. Again, what could be more heart-pumping, honorable, exciting, and meaningful than fighting fires and protecting your neighbors? Frankee has huge respect for the men and women of our fire departments, but it wasn’t for him. 

Frankee trained to be a counselor, working directly with people. He studied contracting in school. He considered all kinds of options, throwing himself into anything—Frankee doesn’t do things half way. 

Ultimately, he found much of the work boring. 

Now, that doesn’t mean he found work itself boring. Frankee is a hard-working, passionate person…he just hadn’t found the right fit. Until he found accounting. 

That’s right, of all the jobs in the world, Frankee landed on accounting, and he loves it. 

“I don’t get tired of it,” he said. I don’t hate it at all, I actually love it.” 


When he first decided to go all in on accounting, Frankee estimated he’d land 10-15 clients in 2019. That was the goal. As of this writing, we’re just a few months into 2019 and Frankee has already worked with 40 clients, and he expects that number to keep going up! He’s now aiming for 100 clients by the end of this year. 

“It’s mostly word-of-mouth referrals, people who talk to people who worked with me, but I’ve gotten a lot of clients from my previous work, too.”

At previous jobs and classes, Frankee met a lot of people. He’s pretty well known in the community, especially as a disc jockey, and that boosted his accounting business. He didn’t waste any of those previous experiences, and it’s done a lot for his new business. 

Friends, Frankee is a perfect example of the kind of people we love coming alongside. He’s passionate, he has drive and skill, and he just needed a little support to start building a business. He doesn’t even need us now! 

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Matthew Willingham