Introducing Denzel and His 'Bully Bagel'


The Street Food Fest is next week, and we’re excited about the culinary lineup we’ve put together for you!

First up, meet Denzel, the creator of a specialty sandwich he calls the ‘Bully Bagel.’

“I name every sandwich I create after my favorite villains. People love the Thanos, but The Joker’s also popular.” Denzel walked us through it: “Take a toasted bagel bun and create a sandwich. I use different specialty jams, cream cheeses, fried bacon, and other kinds of meat to add the salty-savory to cut the sweet. My latest sandwich has thin-sliced steak. It’s amazing.”

As a street food vendor, Denzel’s livelihood depends on being able to sell on the streets of San Diego. A state law passed in 2018 made this possible, but a new bill is being considered in San Diego that would make selling food on the streets much more difficult.

“I’ve got a baby on the way, and people are loving my food. I need to be able to keep selling.”

Next week’s Street Food Fest is a great chance for you to come sample Denzel’s food, but it’s also an opportunity for us to raise awareness about the importance of street food and street vending in general in San Diego.

“Just come try a Bully Bagel. You’ll see. I get texts from random people in the middle of the night saying they’re craving one, and it feels good knowing I’m making something people love. I see good things ahead. I’m ready to take over the world.”