Meet Ms. Ringo.


“My home burned to the ground, and that was it. Have you ever had no-one, nothing, and nowhere to go?”

Ms. Ringo sniffed and blinked, glancing down the alley.

“Well I have. I tell people about having no place to go, and they nod along all nice like, but I don’t think many people know the feeling. I had no nowhere, just the streets, but when I called your director, you guys got me an apartment here.”

Ms. Ringo smiled when her friend came over for a hug, and the two began to laugh about how long they’d lived in the neighborhood. “We’ve been around awhile now, but if something goes wrong or someone needs something, they know to ask us. We’re here to help.”

Someone chose to care for Ms. Ringo when she needed it most, and now she does the same. She’s a fierce advocate for people in her neighborhood, and she’s a reminder of why we love doing this work.

Thank you for helping make moments like these possible. When you give, you help welcome people off the streets, you offer dignity, hope, and options, and you help build a better City Heights for all–thank you! 

Matthew Willingham