Leadership Development


Our Mission

We build power to advocate for healthy and equitable investments in City Heights and beyond.


Cultivating leadership is one of the most effective ways to strengthen and stabilize a historically disinvested community. Through organization, collaboration, popular education, and leadership coaching, we see leaders rise up and bring their community with them.

We work hard to connect City Heights residents to local decision-making bodies and groom them to serve on local committees, boards, and commissions. The goal is to increase representation on local committees through outreach and training by supporting and encouraging the participation of historically under-represented groups.

The best kind of help doesn’t come from outside a community but from within, and we believe the best and most sustainable solutions to our city’s challenges will come from those who are closest to the issues.


Our Impact



Henri’s Story

What happened when a talented young artist hosted his first ever exhibition in the community? Even we were blown away by the way the Somali-American community showed up—they literally flew in from across the country to celebrate!

Read the story here.



50th Street Placemaking

What happens when young leaders lead the charge in transforming their community? The young man on the right is Hadi, and his energy, passion, and creativity inspire us.

Read more. (link)

Haadi and Mozayy in front of mural HQ.JPG


Miriam’s Story

This is Miriam, and she knows how it feels.

She knows the fear and anxiety of being an immigrant child to a struggling single mother, so now she welcomes immigrants with open arms.

She knows what it’s like to feel real hunger, so she advocates for better food for kids in schools.

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Ready to lead in your community?

Reach out! Let’s discuss ways to connect you with neighborhood groups and to high quality training. Together, we can build power in City Heights to strengthen our local democracy and better represent voices in the community.