As our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Anastasia Brewster works with local leaders to advance the community’s vision for a healthy, inclusive, and livable City Heights. Anastasia’s work starts with the people who call City Heights home⁠. She builds power among residents to advocate for health equity in areas like land-use, transportation, and housing.

She can be found around the neighborhood coaching up-and-coming leaders, painting murals, and helping create unlikely collaborations. She was the lead organizer on campaigns for critically needed sidewalks and a community-built gathering space.

Anastasia is increasingly involved in grant and donor development as well and is eager to introduce City Heights, the neighborhood she and her family have called home since 2006, to a wider audience of funders. Prior to her work at City Heights CDC, Anastasia helped establish the first community land trust dedicated to affordable housing in San Diego. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Pomona College.