Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Getting a good job, the basis for a healthy family and community


To enhance the ability of low income residents of City Heights to secure living wage jobs.


This program focuses on the ability of low income residents of City Heights to secure at least a living wage jobs through intensive employment preparation and direct job placement. It has a 10 years story of effective employment placement services and includes an emphasis on community job placement. Employment service activities include in depth personal interviews to assess employment barriers and career goals, creating and tailoring resumes to job openings, helping to complete job applications, and educating candidates in interview skills, dress code, work habits and how to conduct a successful job search..


  • Pre-employment training
  • Vocational training internships
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT)
  • Job placement
  • Small Buisness start-up
  • Business Technical Assistance



Employment Assistance funded by EDTS & Price Charities:150 City Heights residents are assisted by the program to conduct a successful job search, prepare for employment and become a successful long term employee. 100 out of 150 individuals received career assessment, short term self directed job search, interview and employment referral assistance. 50 low income city Heights residents completed our employment program.

In 2012, over one hundred of program participants were placed in jobs. Created 8 internship opportunities locally and within City of San Diego that created the value of $8,000 to $9,600. 65% of internships were paid internships and have resulted in $6,600 earned income. On-the Job Training (OJT) wage incentives provided $1,099 in employer savings. Internships and business technical assistance will result in the creation of a minimum of 5 new jobs generating a minimum new family income of $125,000.

Technical Assistance: Technical Assistance: CHCDC helps businesses get started by providing them with management assistance, marketing and cost reduction strategies, provided information on business loan and storefront improvement and/or expansion. The technical support have resulted included cost saving and asset building $144,000 for area small businesses. Businesses marketing, design and display service conservatively valued at $1,300 per business resulting in $13,000 savings. Total cost saving or asset building of $105,165 for area small businesses as a result of EDTS funding.

  • Business Technical Assistance


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