The CHCDC is a nonprofit organization that appreciates the support and contributions from volunteers and members of the City Heights community. You can join our programs and help us support the community in different ways.

For more information about current and upcoming volunteer opportunities complete the form at the link below:

CHCDC Volunteer Application

Please submit all volunteer applications to ksepulveda@cityheightscdc.org. For specific questions about volunteering you can either contact us by email or contact Laura Ann Fernea at: 619-961-1056.

The CHCDC also offers unpaid internship opportunities. As you work with us to earn academic credits, the CHCDC can provide a unique, comprehensive, and fulfilling internship in the nonprofit field. For more information or to inquire about becoming an intern, you can either contact us by email or contact Laura Ann Fernea at: 619-961-1056.

We are looking forward to having you as part of our team!


“Interning at the City Heights Community Development Corporation was an inspiring and rewarding experience. Everybody involved at the CHCDC worked to benefit the livelihood of all City Heights residents while patiently guiding me through my health assessment internship project. Being welcomed into the diverse community of City Heights was the most enriching part of the internship as I was surrounded by beautiful people who cared deeply about their neighborhood. Residents, volunteers, and staff worked together to provide a holistic approach to empowering the City Heights community and instilling pride in such a wonderful worldly neighborhood. I am fortunate to have learned so much working with driven and passionate people and I hope to continue to be involved at the City heights Community Development Corporation.”

-Alex Lahdya

On my first day of volunteering, I was able to meet and talk to some of the children who regularly come to the center. I helped a couple young girls organize the book shelf and spoke with a couple of the older girls. Afterwards, Maria needed my help in calling residents for the resident meeting that was to take place that night. This was interesting for me because I’ve been on the real estate and construction side of development where there isn’t much interaction with the residents. So doing this small assignment opened up a different side of housing. Later in the evening the residents came to the meeting and I helped set up the chairs and tables. The meeting was also interesting to me because some residents were voicing their opinions of problems in their residential community. As developers, we didn’t really deal with the day-to-day problems of residents, so this was very interesting to hear and I connected it back to even the design and construction phase of apartments homes and what could have been done to foresee these problems and fixed it earlier.

My other time volunteering I did Math homework tutoring with a few children. This made me realize how advanced Math can make you forget the more simple fundamental steps. I was able to help about 5 children get through their homework as I attempted to teach and not straight out give them the answers. This was also a different experience for me and I enjoyed that at the end of it I played a small role in a child’s education!


“My internship at CHCDC was unforgettable. I was welcomed by the staff as a vital member of their team, and included in several significant projects at the corporate office and in the community. Laura Ann, my supervisor, worked to help define my interests and talents, allowing my volunteer experience to be meaningful to the organization and to me. I am proud that my work directly supported the mission of CHCDC.”

-Rachel Bean

“My internship at the City Heights Community Development Corporation represents the ideal job that I would like to have upon completing my undergraduate degree at San Diego State University. I would like to work at a place where I feel appreciated, where I can make significant and relevant contributions towards the goals and vision of the organization, a place where I can look forward to spend six to eight hours of my weekdays, and a place where my efforts and work can improve or change people’s lives. The CHCDC is the perfect place for anybody who would like to experience what I have just described.”

—Juan Garcia

“When I first moved to San Diego I wanted to engage in an organization that made a conscious effort to make an impact in the community it served. The City Heights CDC is such an organization. I have been impressed by the quality of the team, the quality of their work and the difference they make in the community. Working here has been a wonderful and expanding learning opportunity. I felt welcome from the very first day and their support and appreciation have helped me bring my best to the organization and to contribute in very many different ways. If I had to use four words to describe the CHCDC, I’d use: open, inclusive, rigorous and necessity oriented. ”

—Maria Trias

“Interning at the City Heights Community Development Corporation has given me the opportunity to expand my understanding of community development. This experience gave me the opportunity to connect the theoretical and historical process and problems of urban and regional planning with real world scenarios occurring everyday in City Heights. Through this process I was able to better understand the various components that contribute to community development as well as the actors involved in creating better places to live. While interning at the City Heights Community Development Corporation, I was also able to network with key actors in the community as well as the city who are willing to guide me in my future endeavors. Overall, interning at the City Heights Community Development Corporation was truly a wonderful experience, the staff is very helpful and the management team worked hard to integrate my position into the organization’s daily functions.”

—Cristobal Villegas