Community Organizing & Civic Engagement



Our program’s goal is to train residents in Popular Education & Civic Engagement leading to a direct impact in the capacity of the resident who can then powerfully represent their neighbors at community meetings, city council hearings, at ‘in-district’ meetings with local representatives as well as representatives in Sacramento. Participants will understand that this work is pivotal in changing the disenfranchisement of their community. Residents will understand the cycle of poverty, the repercussions of the lack of civic engagement and inability or unwillingness to pursue higher education. Residents will understand that their work, and through their own actions, will directly impact the betterment of the health of their community resulting in a higher quality of life for all residents.


The City Heights Community Development Corporation continues to engage residents and partners in Community Organizing and Civic Engagement activities. The residents can be one on one and through a series of workshops and civic activities. Residents are conditioned to become “agents of change.” RPE’s, or ‘Resident Popular Educators’, participate in a series of educational workshops to help them build up and influence their social networks of neighbors, friends, and peers. They learn the value of being present and speaking up when important decisions affecting their living conditions are being made. RPEs learn how to speak on local issues, they learn the importance of active voters and the setbacks of communities where voting is scant. Residents learn the value of being regularly present at their children’s schools, how to read and understand proposals, initiatives and bills, and what their impact may be in their communities.


RPEs can be seen in the media, meeting with lawmakers, or at city hall in support of critical community issues such as:

  • Affordable housing
  • Living wage
  • Transportation
  • Food justice
  • Health Coverage
  • Immigration

The active participation of City Heights’ residents through this educational program improves the community by lowering health risks, improving local employment opportunities, and assisting ongoing community development.


While the presence of our current community organizing and civic engagement resident team can be seen locally, we believe this is only the beginning. Resident civic involvement is on the rise, and the fruit of that involvement is becoming more and more visible every day.

Are you looking for that opportunity that will help you impact your community in a positive way?

A great way you can start getting involved is to attend any of the various community meetings hosted by any one of our programs such as Active Transportation, Economic Development, Resident Services, and Community & Civic Engagement. These meetings vary, and range from discussions on public policies around safe transportation in City Heights, and affordable housing.

A listing of these meetings and other events is available on the City Heights CDC Calendar page.