SR 15 Commuter Bikeway

Today was a beautiful day to ride a bike.
But when your commute requires you to brave unsafe conditions like the free-flowing, high-speed on-ramps and off-ramps of Fairmount Avenue the stress from that experience can cloud a beautiful day.
As a result of 35 years of community advocacy, Mid City residents will have a safe biking alternative to the northern section of Fairmount Avenue.  The SR 15 Commuter Bikeway, part of the SR 15 Visions Project which calls for a complete and multi-modal freeway corridor, will provide that alternative when the separated bike path opens next year.
This Tuesday, March 1, the SR 15 Commuter Bikeway goes to construction with a groundbreaking ceremony to kick it off.
Come out to learn more about the project and to celebrate this milestone.  Hope to see you there; this Tuesday at 1pm at Ward Canyon Neighborhood Park (3095 Adams Avenue).
Ride safely,

Randy Van Vleck

Active Transportation Manager

Ceramic Heights: A New Creative Outlet for City Heights

Picture2Have you ever taken a ceramics class? If you were lucky, maybe your high school art class or summer camp let you play around with hand building. But for most of us, we’ve either never had the chance or think of ceramics as “that thing I tried once upon a time”. For Amanda Gardner, ceramics has been a hobby since she was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Chicago.

Fast forward to adulthood and Amanda joined the coast guard. She was stationed in San Diego in 2007 and spent 4 years in the service as an electrician. After leaving the coast guard, she found herself picking up a variety of different jobs, constantly learning new skills.

Several years ago, Amanda applied for a ceramics director position at the City Heights Rec Center. By this time, Amanda hadn’t done ceramics in years and though she didn’t get the job, just talking about the job possibility inspired her to take the opportunity to pursue ceramics more seriously. Amanda found and fell in love with the UCSD craft center, with its live trees growing in the middle of the building, and occasional raccoon visitors. However, the University didn’t see the value in keeping the center open because the building was in disrepair and they could no longer justify using student fees to maintain a building and program that catered more toward the general population. Despite many attempts to save the craft center, the University ultimately decided to shut it down, and the San Diego ceramics community lost its home.

As a kid, Amanda had always noticed cute storefronts and signs. She imagined having a small business of her own, but didn’t know what she would sell. She started thinking of how she might be able to fill a little bit of the void created by the closure of the craft center by creating a ceramics teaching studio. She started by offering workshops at the North Park Arts Festival and the Adams Avenue Street Fair and once she saw how much traction she was getting, she began laying the groundwork for the storefront.


Picture3The idea for Ceramic Heights started to emerge….

Amanda started to look around for a space to launch her business idea and decided that she would love to be on El Cajon Boulevard. As a resident of University Heights, she is a frequent visitor of the Blvd and City Heights. She has always been interested in the way that you can watch the Blvd change character as you travel across its great length, and wondered many times about why there is so much empty space. She started to dream about filling one of those vacancies. Finally she found a spot near the intersection of 41st Street and was especially enticed by the fact that it was a former salon which already had all the pipes in place that she would need to connect the sink and kiln. Once she moved in, she was delighted to discover that all her neighbors on the Blvd were also small local business owners like herself.

Amanda got to work quickly getting the space ready to open. As she thought about her own struggles with the notion that art is only art when someone says its art, she sought out to create a space where everyone’s creative expression, both novices and experts, would be valued. My partner and I recently participated in the Valentine’s Day couples class modeled after the ceramics scene in the movie “Ghost”. Neither one of us had ever used a pottery wheel, but Ceramic Heights provided a non-judgmental and laidback environment where diverse groups of people could draw inspiration from each other and have fun. More than anything, Amanda wants community members to see Ceramic Heights as a comfortable outlet for stress-relief and creativity. And she has done just that!

Now Ceramic Heights is part of the Boulevard and City Heights family. The space features small and affordable ceramics classes for children and adults. You can also find her teaching ceramics at the City Heights Farmers Market and she is hoping to continue building relationships with local schools to ensure that ceramics classes are affordable to neighborhood children. Amanda is constantly coming up with new ideas and fun events for the space. She has also talked about offering other types of art classes in the future, like life drawing. We are thrilled to welcome Ceramic Heights to the neighborhood and look forward to all the creativity that it will unleash in City Heights!

Holiday Hero: Myrna

Today’s Holiday Hero is “Ms. Myrna”! Myrna is one of our wonderful Resident Service Coordinates who works with the families in one of our affordable housing complexes located in the heart of City Heights. Myrna manages an on-site computer lab and the program services that help enhance the resident’s self-sufficiency needs! #LoveLocal

Holiday Hero: Avital

Meet Avital! As our Economic Development Manager, she works closely with business owners and community residents to provide resources and revitalize the neighborhood business corridor through creative placemaking projects. Thanks, Holiday Hero, for all you do! #LoveLocal

Holiday Hero: Maly

One of our longest tenured employees Maly has been with City Heights CDC for over 10 years! Her commitment to our Workforce Development program and passion to see people placed in jobs is what makes her today’s Holiday Hero. #LoveLocal


Holiday Hero: Maria

Originally a volunteer with City Heights CDC for years, Maria is without a doubt a Holiday Hero! She currently works as a Community Outreach Assistant with several of our programs. Here is why she loves what she does…#LoveLocal


Holiday Hero: Sidney

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Sidney is today’s Holiday Hero. Whether you see him on the office or the street performing his duties as a Community Outreach Assistant for several of our programs, he is sure to greet you with a big grin and a hug! #LoveLocal

Holiday Hero: Leti

Leti manages our AMAZING Resident Services team as they work to provide residents of our housing complexes the tools they need to secure better employment, higher education, and optimum living conditions for their families. By providing education, training, and a multiple array of support services, families are made aware of and are provided access to opportunities and resources that increase their family’s income, improve their children’s future, and achieve a higher quality of life! #LoveLocal


Holiday Hero: Rosie

Meet Rosie, our Community Organizing Manager! This Holiday Hero trains Resident Popular Educators; individual residents who act as neighborhood representatives, information providers, meeting coordinators, and all-around cheerleaders with the goal of encouraging their neighbors to be more informed and get involved. #LoveLocal

Randy–Our Holiday Hero

This Holiday Hero is great at what he does. Randy, our Active Transportation Manager works hard to promote safe, convenient, and healthy walking, bicycling, and transit commuting options for the City Heights community. You will see him out and about, proud to be the lead transportation staff for an organization with a 30 year history of advocating/planning for better walking, biking, and transit infrastructure! #LoveLocal